Seeing The Crafts Of Bali

Bali is a truly diverse holiday destination to visit, with so many things to see.

From stunning lakes and beaches to amazing views of volcanoes, Bali’s diverse scenery is rivalled only by the diversity of its people and here are some of them; along with the skills they possess:

1.) The Weaver

2.) The Food and Drinks Guide

3.) The Wood Carver

4.) The Jeweller

5.) The Painter – Okay, I have no idea where this guy/lady went but these paintings are evidence of his/her existence! Plus we got shown around by a member of his/her family so that’s something I guess…

6.) The Drinks Vendor

7.) The Coffee Roaster

8.) The Sculptor – not seen in action yet seen lots of their shops in and around Bali and this evidence of where their work is displayed.

9.) The Tour Guide (Met him on the day. Such a great tour guide – can’t recommend him enough. If you’re in or plan on visiting Bali, give him a call in Bali at the number below: I GEDE TOP+OK, Almat: Jl. Bakung, Gang 5 No. 2 Tohpati, Denpasar Timur, Bali. PHONE NUMBER: +628563725343)

10.) The Farmer

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