11 Very Best Countries In Europe To Visit

Europe has a wealth of totally stunning spots to explore! From its gorgeous islands to its historic cities, there is a heap of the best countries in Europe to visit that have a treasure-trove of places to see. 

Now, the thing that makes the continent of Europe so special is that we have around 50-off countries that each have their distinct character, charm and culture that is incredible to visit. 

Not only that, but Europe is also totally accessible once you arrive, with relatively cheap flying options and a European-wide train structure, too. Oh, and of course, plenty of options for a road trip in a car, too.

With that in mind, I wanted to share some of the very best countries in Europe to visit on your next trip here. To be honest, I could have written a post with each country in, but I wanted to share a few top favourites that I hope you’ll love too.

Take a look, below, at the best countries in Europe to explore. Have the best trip. 

1.) Iceland

At the topmost corner of Europe, Iceland sits around a 2.5-hour flight from London and about 5 hours or so from NYC. This kinda makes it a really easy country to visit if you’re hopping over from across the pond.

Not only that, but some Icelandic airlines also offer free stopovers so you can easily pop here for a week and then continue to the rest of Europe, too. It’s a great way to explore some of the best countries in Europe all in one go. 

For me, the thing I love most about Iceland is the incredible things to do in the country. There are a ton of dramatic natural sights to see and a heap of breathtaking hikes, too. It’s the kind of country that’s perfect for anyone wanting to explore the great outdoors 

Now, transportation in Iceland can be expensive, with distances between many geological site topping 100km (62 Miles, or so) at a time. For us, the easiest ways to get around Iceland is by car or pre-booked coach excursions. Though, the latter does tend to be more expensive. 

Once you arrive, make sure to explore some of the pretty towns, visit the Blue Lagoon and explore some of the very best things to do across the Island. It’s totally beautiful and really worth a trip.

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2.) Norway

Northern Europe is probably one of the best areas to explore. Filled with spectacular scenery and totally friendly people it’s is one of my favourite regions to explore; especially in all the Nordic countries. 

Once here, make sure to check out some of the best things to do in Norway that are dotted all across the country. Plus, make sure to visit places like Tromso in the Arctic Circle or head to the things to do in Oslo, too. 

Also, every stop to Norway should include the world-famous Fjords, too. After all, it’s one of the best countries in Europe to see them.

Now, some of my favourites have to be the Aurlandsfjord or Geirangerfjord, they’re stunning and there are even opportunities to whale watch right within the Fjords, too.

And, for some of the best hikes in Norway, head to Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) in Forsand, Ryfylke. Pack your hiking boots and hike you to the steep cliff which rises 604 metres (1982 feet). The view is breathtaking, just be prepared for a little vertigo, the cliff edge goes straight to the bottom.

We loved it but my legs were shaking by the time I realised how high the drop is. 

Oh, if you love trains, too, head on the Flamsbana to Flam. It’s probably one of the best train journies in all of Norway. 

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3.) England

I know I might be biased, but I do love some of the beautiful places in England to go exploring. Honestly, it’s one of the best countries in Europe to visit that’s totally different depending on the regions you visit. 

For instance, you’ve got the incredible areas of London to visit but also historic cities like Bath, Cambridge and York, too. Not only that, you’ve got stunning regions like the Cotswolds and also the beautiful places in Cornwall, too.

Truth be told, even if you only organised a trip to London, you can still head on quite a few day trips across England.

Honestly, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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4.) France

France is another gem of a country to explore in Europe; not least because of how diverse the country is. Of course you’ve got the stunning places in Paris to see, but what makes France totally special is the regions that are dotted all across the country. 

For instance, there is a heap of incredible spots to see in the South of France; especially in smaller (historic) cities like; Nimes and Carcassonne. 

Afterwards, make sure to explore other regions like the West of France and also that of Brittany in the north, too. Also, don’t forget to visit Bordeaux, Saint Emilion and the Dordogne Valley, too. Honestly, they’re stunning. 

Also, if you’re in the south-east of France, pop around places like Montpellier or Provence with all its charming villages to explore. The whole area is picture-perfect, especially in lavender season. 

If you visit in the winter months, make sure to pop over to Tignes and Val d’Isère to head on the pistes within the French Alps. They’re incredible and it’s easily one of the best countries in Europe for skiing. 

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5.) Greece

Greece is a beautiful country, that has some of the most picturesque Islands in all the world. Filled with lots of fresh and local Greek food, and stunning little towns, Greece is a totally charming spot to spend a few weeks (or more) exploring. 

Once here, make sure to explore the mainland of Greece but also take the opportunity to visit some of the most special islands, too. 

Now, Santorini is probably the most famous of the islands in Greece to visit. It’s totally stunning, especially for the sunset at Oia. That being said, you’ve also got islands like Rhodes, Mykonos, Kefalonia, Kos and Crete that all have their own charm and history, too.

Truth be told, you’re gonna be spoilt for choice when trying to decide on where in Greece to visit. 

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6.) Italy

Italy is definitely one of the most popular countries in Europe to visit, and it’s easy to see why. 

From the incredible cities in Italy, the beautiful Amalfi Coast, to the most beautiful villages of Cinque Terre, Italy is one of the best countries in Europe to explore.

Also, don’t forget to visit some of the gorgeous places in Northern Italy like Verona and the region of Trentino, too. You’ll also find Lake Garda relatively close by and it’s so dreamy. 

 Oh, and the city of Florence is also a gem to explore. You see, Florence has some of the best places to eat and drink. And, just in case you are worried about all those opportunities to eat and devour the yummiest gelato. 

There’s also plenty of up-hill walking to burn off all that scrumptious food, too, so no guilt is needed here.

Afterwards, you can explore some of the best free things to do in Florence, too. 

Finally, don’t forget that there are some truly magical (sounds cheesy, but it’s true) towns in the south of Italy, too. Honestly, if you can, rent a car and just explore the whole region here. 

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7.) Denmark

Denmark might be a relatively small country but it packs a might punch in terms of places to see. 

For me, Copenhagen is one of my favourite cities and easily one of the best places in Europe to visit for a city break.

Once here, make sure to explore the stunning castles and palaces, visit the Meatpacking District for a night out and explore the beauty of this historic city. 

It really is immense. 

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8.) Spain

Right, So there are literally hundreds of the best places in Spain to visit and it’s hard to whittle down just a few.

Honestly, I could reel off a whole list of truly beautiful destinations like Barcelona, Ronda and Seville.

Now, we’ve visited Spain quite a bit and the one thing that’s really stood out to me is how different each region of Spain is. You see, you can go to areas like Bilbao in the Basque Country and they’re so very different from the likes of the Canary Islands. 

Also, don’t forget to head out on some of the best hikes in Spain, too. There’s a heap of them all across the country and they’re totally incredible. 

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9.) Netherlands

The Netherlands has some beautiful places to visit that you really can’t miss.  It also has some really cool and fun cities to explore, Including Amsterdam, of course. 

Honestly, there is so much diversity in, what is, a small European country. That being said, it’s easily one of the best places in Europe to explore if you don’t want to travel too far and want to see a lot of a country. 

Also, don’t forget to visit Rotterdam, too. It’s quite different from Amsterdam and totally historic. 

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10.) Croatia

Croatia is a totally diverse country, with lots of beautiful places in Croatia dotted all across the country.

Once here, make sure to explore some of the stunning islands and places like Pula, the ancient city of Dubrovnik and stunning Croatian cities like Split, too. 

We’ve visited Croatia quite a few times over the years and it gets better each and every time. It really is one of the best countries in Europe to explore if you love a mix of history and stunning islands. 

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11.) Portugal

If you are interested in an adventure in the southern tip of Europe, then popping over to Portgual is the place to go.

If it’s a city break you’re after, pop over to the likes of the northern city of Porto or explore the capital, Lisbon that’s perched not too far from the palaces of Sintra. 

Oh, and get some Pastéis de Belém, too. They’re delicious. 

If its islands you’re after, hop on over to Maderia that’s perched of the western coast of Africa. Plus, if it’s the best hikes you love, then you’ll totally love some of them here. 

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