12 Very Best Places In Bavaria To Visit

Nestled in the south of Germany, Bavaria is one of the iconic places in Germany to visit. Best of all, there’s a huge mix of the best places in Bavaria to visit that are perfect for any type of traveller. Filled with palaces, medieval villages and vast castles, it’s the perfect region of Germany for a road trip.

We’ve loved it every single time we’ve visited Bavaria. Honestly, it’s just stunning and well worth the drives from cities like Munich or Nuremberg. 

So, to help you get the most out of your trip around Bavaria, take a look at some of the gems we love most in this area of Germany. 

Have the most amazing time exploring Bavaria. 

1.) Neuschwanstein Castle

Probably the most famous castle in the world, Neuschwanstein Castle is a spot you can’t miss in Bavaria. 

Located atop a rocky crag overlooking Bavarian Alps, King Ludwig II’s neo-Romanesque castle stands tall overlooking the region and it’s so impressive to see.

One of the easiest ways to visit is by booking this incredible Neuschwanstein Castle tour that departs from Munich. Not only will it take out the faff of organising a car, parking and tickets – they’ll also get you inside Linderhof Palace, too. 

Just make sure to book these castle tickets before arriving in Munich. This way, you won’t miss out if all the places are gone. 

Honestly, it’s just breathtaking and you’ll totally love it. It is even said that the castles of Walt Disney are inspired by the beauty of Neuschwanstein Castle

Now, remember, after being dropped off (or parked) at the parking area, you will have one of three options to get to Neuschwanstein Castle. The cheapest way to do this is by foot – but do remember it is an uphill ramble.

Secondly, you can hop on the bus that will take you very near to the castle itself. In my opinion, this is the best option and it’s all really easy.

Finally, you can take a horse and carriage – though, this can arduous if you’re short on time. 

Oh, and don’t forget, nearby, is Linderhof Palace which is the hunting lodge of the king.

You can combine tours depending on your preference when you visit the place.

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2.) Linderhof Palace

Known as King Ludwig II’s favourite palace, Linderhof is one of the best places in Bavaria to visit during your trip.

Aside from the lavish ornaments in and out of the place, the setting and size of the place give it a livable quality and an intimate vibe to it. It’s all so beautifully decorated and ornate. 

As you tour the grounds, you’ll get to glimpse all the gorgeous things that make this palace so special. 

You can also visit the Venus Grotto, a man-made cavern, together with the lovely gardens and pools in the palace.

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3.) Regensburg

If you want to explore the hamlets and towns of Bavaria, you need to visit Regensburg. It’s one of the best places in Bavaria to explore, especially if you’re heading north from Munich. 

You see, Regensburg is a vibrant medieval town in Bavaria which houses loads of history and preserved buildings that are gorgeous to see.

It’s even said that Regensburg was founded way back in AD179. So, expect centuries of history. 

Now, without getting into a deep history lesson, Regensburg became Bavaria’s first capital in AD590, and heaps of kings, dukes and bishops called it home. It became the cultural and political heart of Bavaria.

Nowadays, once you arrive, you can check out the Roman City Gate (Porta Praetoria), stroll the Old Stone Bridge and pop down the river for a stroll. 

Getting peckish? Pop into Dicker Mann that’s nestled in a building that’s over 700 years old! They make a totally crunchy schnitzel. 

4.) Wurzburg

Wurzburg is something of a vibrant and pretty upbeat university town in Bavaria. This all means it has a younger vibe and is one of the best places in Bavaria to visit for its bars, cafes and, of course, its history.

Known for its Baroque façade and outstanding beauty, it’s a city that once served as a pilgrimage point and a Franconian duchy. But that was so long ago!

After rocking up, check out the Wurzburg Residence which is one of the famous spots where frescoes of Tiepolo can be found.

Best of all, Wurzburg is also located in the heart of the wine-producing region of the country, so this is the perfect place for you to sample some of the local nectar. It has some award-winning varieties that are too good to miss. I’m speaking to you, Silvaner grape varieties.

5.) Nuremberg

Being Bavaria’s second-largest city, Nuremberg is a very lively and busy city frequented by both local and international visitors. We loved our visit to the city and it’s so easy to see why it’s one of the best places in Bavaria to explore as you traverse the region.

Once here, be sure to explore the Imperial Castle of Nuremberg and its boundary walls – we spent a good few hours wandering and strolling through this area and totally loved it.

Although most parts of the city were affected by the Second World War, several structures were reconstructed, like the Altstadt, using original stones to give Nuremberg its gorgeous charm.

Oh yeah, and if you’re visiting at Christmas, you’re in for a treat! Another popular festive pastime in Nuremberg is its Christmas Market. If you have the chance to book your trip during this season, it’s so magical, especially with all the gluhwein and waffle spots. 

6.) Dinkelsbuhl

Founded by Carolingian kings in the 8th century, Dinkelsbuhl is considered by many as one of the best places in Bavaria to visit for its beauty. 

You see, Dinkelsbuhl is set on the Romantic Road and contains several charming pastel-coloured medieval houses which will give you a fairytale feel during your visit. It sounds cheesy to say, but it really does feel like that. 

Now, be prepared for plenty of walking. There are 18 towers and fortified walls to go and explore – which makes for thirsty work. 

Now, Dinkelsbuhl is small, so don’t expect to spend days and days here. Maybe set yourself a half day before heading further into Bavaria. 

7.) Konigssee

Konigssee is one totally gorgeous place you can reach within two hours of Munich. It might be close but it honestly feels like a million miles away from the city. 

Now, one thing that makes Konigssee so famous is its emerald waters. On a clear day, you can really see the colours pop.

Oh, and don’t forget, you can also find St. Bartholomew which is another iconic structure in Bavaria. Truth be told, you can’t miss it.

8.) Augsburg

Said to be one of Germany’s oldest cities, Augsburg is one of the best places in Bavaria to visit which sits northwest of Munich. 

Here, you can find several historical spots that make the historic centre so gorgeous. Of course, you’ve got to pop inside Augsburg Cathedral but also make time to visit Botanical Gardens.

Augsburg Botanical Gardens is totally lovely and has been crafted as a celebration of the world’s plant life. It’s totally stunning and set within different areas and geographic themes. You can spend hours here on a sunny day. 

Afterwards, take a stroll down to the Rathausplatz and grab a bite in one of the little cafes or head to the top of the Perlach Tower. You’ll get to see views all over Augsburg.

9.) The Romantic Road

In my opinion, it’s totally worth renting a car to visit Bavaria. You see, it gives you so much flex and freedom to explore the more rural parts of Bavaria that you might otherwise miss,

Not only that, it’ll give you the chance to experience driving the Romantic Road of Bavaria. This road connects several of the best places in Bavaria which are pretty lovely and historically worth seeing. Plus, being nearly 300 miles long, there are loads to see between Würzburg and Füssen.

From Augsburg, Neuschwanstein, Friedberg and more – you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

One famous highlight when you’re here is Rothenburg ob der Tauber which is a picture-perfect town where half-timbered houses and magnificent medieval gates can be found.

We love this spot and I think this is the anchor point for the whole drive. 

10.) Munich

Munich needs a little introduction. You see, Munich might just be the most popular city in all of Bavaria.

Not only is it well-visited and often seen as the gateway to Bavaria, but it’s also the region’s capital where the famous Oktoberfest is held. 

After arriving, visit the popular St. Peter’s Church and Marienplatz before taking a break at the English Garten located in the city’s centre. You can easily spend a few days in Munich and it’s well worth it for its charm and buzzing atmosphere. 

If you’ve got time, head over to Nymphenburg Palace. This colossal palace is just outside the city centre and well worth taking a visit for a few hours. The rooms are just stunning.

Oh, and don’t forget to visit Schleissheim Palace. Again, it’s not far from the centre of Munich and well worth taking a gander.

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11.) Schloss Herrenchiemsee

Perched on Bavaria’s largest lake, Chiemsee is home to one very special palace in Bavaria. With the lake forming by a glacier some 10,000 years ago, it’s now home to the utterly stunning Schloss Herrenchiemsee. It’s the kind of palace that has to be seen to be believed. 

Now, to get here, you’ll hop on a boat to explore Chiemsee’s gorgeous waters and hop off at Schloss Herrenchiemsee. It was one of the largest palaces of King Ludwig and it’s totally beautiful. 

Inside, you’ll get to see the replica rooms of Versailles and take in the totally beautiful architecture that makes this palace so special.

Honestly, don’t miss this place. 

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12.) Zugspitze 

Fancy checking out Germany’s tallest mountain? Then head over to Zugspitze. It’s one of the best places in Bavaria to visit for its natural beauty and it’s totally accessible too. 

Once here, jump on the cable car that will take you right to the top of Zugspitze and see the stunning views all across the Bavarian landscape and Alps. It’s breathtaking. 

Though make sure to visit on a clear day, cloud cover does happen and you’ll see nothing if you go up when the weather is bad. 

Afterwards, check out Eibsee (the lake) and wander the trails that follow its shoreline. It’s beautiful in the later afternoon. Especially on a sunny day. 

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