17 Ways We Explored Sydney

For most of us, Australia is a pretty long way away (even from places closer like Bali, the flights are still a few hours away) so a trip to Syndey is definitely one you want to pack in as much stuff as possible.

On our trip to Australia from the UK, we flew to Dubai (over 7.5 hours), then to Singapore (another 7 hours) and then to Melbourne (don’t ask why – but still another 8 hours) and then to Sydney (just over 1 hour).

All in all, about 24 hours spent travelling to Australia! But I digress, here are 15 things I definitely recommend doing when you go to Sydney.

1.) Sail away… (darn it, now I have that Enya song stuck in my head!)

2.) Take a (seemingly eerie) walk through Sydney at night

3.) Check out an actual Opera performance at the Sydney Opera House!

4.) Stuff your face with some seafood! You’re in the right place for it.

5.) Spend an afternoon on the beach…

6.) Check out the ‘wildlife’ (especially these Cockatoos – which are everywhere it seems).

7.) Walk onto the set of one of the TV series (this was the Home and Away one that you previously helped me identify who the actors were – thanks for that! 😉 )

8.) Spend some time in the Manly Harbour!

9.) Not much of a sailing person, you can still rent a small boat and take it out for the day!

10.) Hop aboard a motor bike and check out the coast line! (I wasn’t sure if the guy wanted me to take his photo till I realised he stopped and even struck a pose)

11.) Have a barbecue! (How can you not?! You’re in Australia!)

12.) Hop aboard a ferry to other suburbs of Sydney! Definitely recommended!

13.) Head over to Luna Park. (That cheshire-cat-grinning-child entrance makes it look more like Lunatic Park but it’s actually quite fun and kitsch in there!)

14.) Do more than just see the Sydney harbour bridge. Walk across it!

15.) Or if you have a penchant for heights and lots of spare cash, maybe even walk over the Sydney harbour bridge?

16.) Head over to a pub for pint or two… (or three)

17.) Try to also explore the city in the glorious sunshine! (Totally different feel from night time, I promise!)

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