19 Best Things To Do In Majorca

Nestled within the Mediterranean Sea, Majorca (or Mallorca) is one incredible island that’s so beautiful to see. Not only that, but there’s also a heap fo the best things to do in Majorca that are surprisingly diverse and totally unique. 

You see, Majorca is an island that’s got a little something for everyone! It’s the kind of place where you can hike the mountain ranges, explore the best beaches and visit the historic little villages. It really is beautiful and totally worth heading around the whole island.

In some areas of Majorca, you can be forgiven to thinking you’re in the Norwegian Fjords, at other times, the stunning Greek islands. It’s totally diverse! 

Also, it’s worth remembering that Majorica is much bigger than its neighbouring islands, Ibiza and the quieter Menorca. It’s is the kind of place that’s best explored by foot and car, which gives a huge amount of freedom to explore.

After all, the island is the largest of the Balearic Islands and quite expansive, too. Trust me, you’ll realise how big Majorca is once you arrive. 

With that in mind, take a look at some of the best things to do in Majorca. Have the best trip! 

1.) Palma

Definitely the biggest city in Majorca, Palma is a pretty cool place to go if you want to find some cool bars, restaurants and a heap of history.

Once here, make sure to explore the incredible Cathedral of Majorca that’s so imposing. Though, it’s so huge it’s kinda hard to miss when you’re wandering the city.

Oh, and remember you can go on a tour and scale the terraces of the Cathedral of Majorca; the views are immense. It’s easily one of the best things to do in Majorca if you love stunning views.

Afterwards, head across to the castle and also be sure to visit Palau de l’Almudaina, too. The latter is a great way to explore the Arabesque and Moorish influences on the island. 

Oh, and be sure to visit the Arab Baths that are perched in the city.

Now, there’s a small entrance fee and the site is pretty small but it’s well worth visiting if you’re interested in the thousands of years of history. Now, you’ll likely only spend 10-minutes wandering and is easy to include when wandering the city.

If all that exploring has left you hungry, head over to Infineat that serves up some of the tastiest dishes. Their duck is so good!

2.) Soller

Relatively near the north-west coastline, Soller is a lovely town to explore whilst in this area of the island. Not only that, but you can also easily partner a trip to Soller with Fornalutx that’s just down the valley. 

After arriving, be sure to stroll and spot the Ferrocarril de Soller that you can pop on and explore, too. Afterwards, head over to Saint Bartomeu’s Church and explore the historic centre of the town.

Plus, make sure to check out the exhibitions museum of Picasso and Joan Miró, too.

3.) Alcudia Bay

Visiting Alcudia, and its bay is easily one of the best things to do in Majorca if you want a stunning beach. Yes, it might be a little busier than the little coves but it’s a totally gorgeous area and well worth a visit if you’re already in the north-east of the island.

Also, it’s worth remembering that you can actually hop on the boat in Alcudia to visit Barcelona for a day or two. It’s a great way to see both places, especially if you’ve travelled far to visit Majorca. 

Oh, and be sure to grab some panades once you’re here. They’re yummy! 

4.) Valldemossa

Nestled on the North Coast of Majorca, Valldemossa is only about 25-minutes from Palma and totally easy to visit in your rental car.

It’s such a picturesque little spot and one of the best things to do in Majorca if you love historic little villages. 

After arriving, make sure to explore the Carthusian Monastery, the church of Saint Bartomeu and the Sa Cova Restaurant for some of the tastiest tapas.

You’ll love it. 

5.) Pollenca

Not too far from Alcudia Bay, Pollenca is a stunning little village that’s really gorgeous to visit when exploring Majorca. 

Now, one of the best areas of Pollenca to see has to be the 365 Calvari Steps that are totally stunning.

Also, there’s the intimate little Museum of Pollenca that’s well worth visiting if you want to explore more of the village history. It’s pretty small, so don’t expect a huge complex but it’s a lovely little spot if you love museums. 

Plus, if you’re getting some rumbles in your tummy pop into La Trencadora that’s incredible for lunch. Totally love this place. 

6.) Deia

Right on the north of the island, exploring Deia is one of the best things to do in Majorca if you’re travelling the northern coastal routes. 

This hilltop village is hundreds of years old and one of the most picturesque spots in the north of the island. Now, as with most villages, it’s small but it’s a lovely little place to stretch your legs as part of a winder road trip.

Though be warned, it can be tricky to park! 

After arriving, pop into Cafè Sa Fonda that’s so cute and the dishes are homemade and totally tasty.

Also, if you’re wanting to stay in the village, check in to the Belmond La Residencia, it’s so gorgeous and made up old two historic manor houses. Now, it can much more pricey than other spots in Majorca, so make sure you know this before booking.  

7.) Torrent de Pareis

Another area in the north of Majorca, Torrent de Pareis is a great place for a hike, especially if you’re already stopping in Sa Calobra. 

Now, it can get pretty busy at peak times, so go early in the morning if you want to miss most of the crowds. Now, it’s not the best place for food, so I’d suggest giving the restaurants a miss here and gorge once you visit your next stop. 

Also, be sure to see the views from the Sa Calobra Viewpoint. It’s lovely. 

8.) Hike the Tramuntana mountains

Now, there’s a huge amount of incredible hiking trails in Majorca, with the  Ruta de Pedra en Sec (dry stone route) being totally incredible. 

Now, the whole length of the hike goes almost 100km across the Tramuntana mountains, which are so stunning. Honestly, it feels like you’ve actually arrived in the fjords of Norway, it’s that impressive.

Now, there’s a number of trails that are totally stunning with the lake of Cuber in the distance. For instance, check out the Coll de L’Ofre and Puig de sa Rateta routes. It really is one of the best things to do in Majorca.

Though, as with all hikes, prep safely, take enough water and always listen to local safety advice. 

9.) Selva

Nestled within the Tramuntana mountain, exploring the tiny village of Selva is well worth stopping for a little look around. Hop off the main road and head straight up to Selva for a little explore, it’s one of the best things to do in Majorca if you’ve got a hankering for tiny little towns.

Oh, and for a tasty lunch, pop into Miceli, they’ll serve you up a treat of tasty tapas. 

10.) Cala Figuera

Visiting Cala Figuera is easily one of the best things to do in Majorca if you love a stunning and historic village. Not only that, but it’s also a great area to stay whilst exploring the wider area, too. 

Now, it can be quite hilly and pretty difficult to park but it’s worth the hassle. The harbour area dates back 700 years and is well worth taking a stroll or stopping off at one of the bayside cafes. 

11.) Canyamel

If it’s a more relaxing day you’re after, relaxing on the beaches of Canyamel is easily one of the best things to do in Majorca. Plus, the whole coastline around this area is totally stunning. 

Also, nearby, you can call in at Cala Millor and Sa Coma if you fancy some more beach fun! It’s worth remembering, these spots have quite a few hotels, so you can easily stay here. Though, that does mean you’re not going to have a beach to yourself. In the summer months, it can get pretty busy. 

12.) Calo Des Moro

Almost hidden away, in a small cove, visiting Calo Des Moro is gorgeous. 

Yes, the roads and route to the beach can be tricky and it’s certainly not the most accessible of spots but it’s so lovely to visit and really worth a visit whilst exploring this region of Majorca. 

The waters are easily the best in all of Majorca and they’re crystal clear. Also, on your walk to the beach (from the tiny parking area) you might even smell the wild saffron growing.

13.) Drive the MA-2141

The MA-2141 really gets interesting around this point, and is well worth driving, especially if you want to see a totally different side to Majorca. 

Now, you might think it looks pretty hair-raising to drive, but the roads are in great condition and it’s really easy. Plus, there are lots of little stopping points to take in the views. 

To be honest, it’s not too far from Sa Calobra and you’ll likely drive along this road if you’re heading here. 

14.) Cap de Formentor

Okay, for me, seeing Cap de Formentor is one of the best things to do in Majorca, especially if you love a good viewpoint!

You see, Cap de Formentor is perched right on the edge of the eastern peninsula which makes it a great place to catch a sunrise.

After arriving, take in the views from El Colomer that is so picturesque. Also, Cala Figuera is another stunning little bay to take a dip, the waters are crystal clear here.

There’s also a great viewpoint from Mirador and the lovely, Formentor Hotel that’s a little pricier than the average but totally stunning. 

Alternatively, it’s totally easy to visit from Alcudia and well worth the trip if you’ve decided to stay there instead. Even if you miss the sunrise! 😉

15.) Felanitx

Falanitx, is one lovely little place to stop if you’re already visiting Caló del Moro. Now, you might only spend a few hours exploring but it’s a totally lovely place to visit, especially as you’ll see the Sanctuary of Sant Salvado, too.

Plus, it’s a great place to stop for lunch, too. You’ll find lots of little family-owned restaurants.

16.) Palma Nova

Palma Nova was probably one of the very first hotel-spots on the island and one that still attracts the crowds today. It’s totally one of the best things to do in Majorca if you want a lovely beach and easy access to lots of restaurants and bars. 

Though, if you want something quieter and historic, you might wanna give this spot a miss. After all, it really depends on what type of holiday you’re looking for. 

If you are looking for an out-of-this-world hotel, check into the St. Regis Mardavall that’s right next to Palma Nova. Again, prices can be higher than the average, so consider this before booking. 

17.) Manacor

Manacor is a relatively large inland town in Majorca, with lots going on, too. 

For instance, every Monday morning, they have one of the biggest markets in all of Majorca, plus a heap of gorgeous pottery stalls and places to shop.

Plus, there’s a Rafa Nadal Museum if you’re into tennis. Though, you might find this a bore if you’re not. 😉

Also, don’t forget about the nearby Drach Caves, too. They’re so dramatic and well worth visiting if you want some time out of the sun! 

18.) Fornalutx

Not too far from the hilly town of Soller, it’s easy to partner a visit to Fornalutx as a wider trip to see some of Majorca’s stunning hilltop towns.

They’re all so quaint and historic, especially Fornalutx which is one of the best things to do in Majorca when you’re looking for the more authentic side of island life. 

Now, you can either drive between the towns themselves or take the trails and footpaths that can be easiest when parking is tricky.

Once here, be sure to explore the stoned cottages and tiny streets that make Fornalutx so quaint. It’s such a stunning and sleepy little place. 

19.) Campanet

Around 30-minutes from Palma, on the main road to Alcudia, is Campanet. It’s a tiny little village that’s lovely to stop when driving across the island, especially if you’re hankering for some grub. 

I love Restaurant Talent that’s so intimate and the food is so good!

Plus, if you’re looking for a more traditional lodging, check into Monnaber Vell, that’s totally rustic and lovely. Situated in a historic villa, it’s also got the most lovely pool. Totally tranquil and so gorgeous. 

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