7 Shortcuts To Your Happiness!!!

My last post on things I wished I knew a year ago has been one of the most personally rewarding posts I’ve had the pleasure of writing. It was a chance to get a few things off my chest (and perhaps help a few people?). I’ve gotten so many amazing tweets, emails and messages regarding that post and I’ve got to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who responded to it. It really means a lot to me that you read the stuff I write! 🙂

One outcome of that post, is that it got me thinking of ways to pro-actively look to make yourself happy (rather than waiting for a year to find out 🙂 ) and I figured I should probably share those tips and “happiness shortcuts” with you too! This time – in the form of GIFs! 🙂  Here’s goes…

1.) Embrace your quirk! There’s something unique about you. The happiest (and most successful) people are those who have fully embraced it and even found a way to use this to their advantage. #EmbraceYourQuirk (Below are a few #Quirk-sters to show you real life examples…)

Lara Stone. Quirk? Teeth!
Will Smith. Quirk? Big Ears!

Zooey Deschanel. Quirk? Big Eyes!


2.) Celebrate yourself! The tendency to be modest is (oddly enough) a celebrated virtue in society but it can sometimes be over-rated! You’re fantastic and it’s very important to constantly remind yourself of this! Not only does it feel good to get a pat on the back but it can provide you with that long term confidence boost you need when you start to doubt yourself.


3.) Ban all ‘Nay’-Sayers! Those people that keep telling you that “you’re not good enough” or that “you can’t make it” need to be banned. In these of Sweet Brown -AIN’T NOBODY GAT TIME FO’ DAT! (Still can’t believe that her name is actually Sweet Brown)


4.) Don’t waste too much time on regret. It’s important to ensure you don’t repeat the same mistakes but you shouldn’t let these mistakes define you! You’re much more than mistakes you made. Learn quickly and move on.


5.) Don’t take everything too seriously! Fair enough, some things are serious but there are way too many things we take too seriously that we don’t need to – Someone’s making noise on the quiet coach of the train? Dropped your shopping and cracked all your eggs? Lost your house keys? These things are inconsequential or easily replaced – identify the stuff to genuinely be stressed about and ignore all the others.


6.) Try something new as often as possible! Even when you think about this logically, it just makes sense. If you don’t try new things, you’re only opening yourself up to a limited range of options for your happiness and by opening yourself up to new opportunities, you’re increasing your chances of finding even more things that make you happy! As long as you’re sensible (i.e. safe) try as many new thing as you can!


7.) Travel more! Travel is so great to unwind and to take yourself out of a stressful situation and place yourself in a situation that is more suited to your needs and wants. Feel like you need more sunshine in winter? TRAVEL. Feel like you need to be climbing mountains instead of climbing onto trains? TRAVEL. Feel like you want to see mountains, instead of mountains of paper? TRAVEL.

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