9 Tasty Restaurants To Try In London

London is home to pretty much anything anyone would ever want from a city. I mean, there’s a whole load of secret spots to see, amazing and unusual sites and some amazing independent coffee shops.

You’ll be spoilt for choice.

Best of all, its got all the usual foody offerings and pretty much every niche you can possibly think of. I’m sure if I decided to go to a (Mexican) Lucha libre tonight, I’d find one in London.

Now, I’m a fan of fine dining in London as well as greasy spoon restaurants (all in moderation of course) but this got me looking out for unique dining experiences in London and here, in no particular order, are a fair few I’ve found that you just have to try at least once in London! 🇬🇧


1.) Press For Champagne (at Bob Bob Ricard)

Price: £70+ (depends on how much champagne you drink) 🤣

Unique Feature: Each of the tables has a ‘press for champagne’ button. Pop inside, press the button and get an endless supply of bubbles. Just keep an eye on the costs.

Book Bob Bob Ricard, here.

Don’t forget to explore Covent Garden whilst you’re close by too. It’s a great neighbourhood to see.

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2.) M. Manze

Price: £5+

Unique Feature: Still family owned and well over 100 years old, M. Manze is London’s oldest pie and mash (served with plenty of liquor) restaurant. Don’t expect a posh affair but it’s a total throwback to old London. They even serve jellied eels. You can eat in or take away from one of their three locations:

87 Tower Bridge Road | High Street, Peckham | 226 High Street, Sutton

You can see more on their website.

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3.) Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

Price: £50 – £100 approximately for a 3-course meal.

Unique Feature: Decadent menu which draws inspiration from British history. The recipes are centuries old and revived for the night for you!

Book Dinner by Heston, here.

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4.) Basement Galley 

Price: 5-course tasting menu is around £50+

Unique Feature: Delicious food in a London Underground train (The Tube) carriage. A definite must-have experience for visitors and Londoners alike.

Book the tube train meal, here.

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5.) La Bodega Negra

Price: £35 – £65 (approximate)

Unique Feature: Accessed via a sex shop, this already promises to be interesting and indeed it is. The menu is truly standout and the venue itself is like a dungeon/den/wine cellar all rolled into one.

Book La Bodega Negra, here.

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6.) Archipelago

Price: £17 – £24

Unique Feature: Serving all kinds of strange and exotic meats from crocodile to bison and even scorpions, this is easily one of the more unique menus out there.

Book Archipelago, here.

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7.) Dans Le Noir

Price: £25 – £98

Unique Feature: Eating in pitch darkness and served by visually-impaired waiting staff, this is a culinary experience aimed at sharpening your other senses. It has gotten and continues to gets, rave reviews by diners all the time.

Book Dans Le Noir, here.

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8.) Circus London

Price: £30-70 depending on drinks and courses.

Unique Feature: Acrobats, firebreathers and burlesque dancers as you dine! Definitely a surreal yet decadent experience.

Book Circus London, here.

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9.) Rango’s Hot Stone Kitchen

Price: £15 – £40 (for mains)

Unique Feature: Cook your own food with your hot plates at your table. (Tried this in Lisbon for the first time ever and thoroughly enjoyed it so  I just knew I’d had to find one in London and here it is!)

Book Rango’s, here.

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