Why It’s Amazing To Explore London In Winter

It’s almost that time of the year again in London. The air starts to get crisper, layers of clothing thicken and daylight hours get shyer and shyer… Yup, it’s almost winter time!

It is still (quite surprisingly too) unseasonably warm and dry in London!

London obviously hasn’t gotten the memo that summer is over and I’m happy that way… I like it warm! 🙂 And don’t you go blabbing your mouth to London about autumn, okay? I want summertime for as long as possible.

Some visitors typically stay away in winter. Actually, I say that quite relatively as London is never really short of visitors.

However, fewer people do visit in winter than in summer though I do think that’s a huge oversight. I’m not as keen on spring (which just appears to be trying too hard to be as nice as summer) nor autumn (which also appears to be trying too hard to be winter) and so whenever I’m asked, I always recommend visiting London in the summertime or when winter had truly set in.

Yes, the UK generally gets a bad rap weather-wise and although summer is great because they’re so much more outdoorsy stuff you can do, London is a lot prettier in winter and here’s (some) proof! (Actually found these photos randomly looking through my photo archives…)

One of the joys of living in Central London is having these amazing sights less than 2 minutes from your apartment.

Winter or Summer, The Tower of London and Tower Bridge always remain pretty amazing examples of London stellar architectural history.

For the magpies amongst us, the Tower of London also houses the world’s largest diamonds and The Crown Jewels so pop in to have a look! In any case, this was the first port of call on out walk out on this particular evening…

We slowly made our way, in a fairly roundabout fashion to Borough market…

In Borough Market, I pretty much went to every single stall offering freebies to try out all the cheese, bread and sweets on offer. I ended up getting suckered into getting a few cakes, some sweet nuts, cheese, and some fruit and veg – random selection of items and certainly not a shopping list for a meal but I always find that with Borough market. To be honest, I usually head over for the cake (we all know how much I love cake so let’s swiftly move past this) and I get caught up with all the tasting that I end up buying things I kinda want but definitely don’t need.

Finished off this mini trip with one of my winter favourites – mulled wine! The best part about getting cold in London over winter is the chance to warm up at home in front of the fireplace, over a cup of tea or indeed with some yummy mulled wine.

Fed and (mulled) wined – we eventually decided to call it a day and head off in search of actual dinner!

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