Best Way To Visit The Erupting Volcano In Fagradalsfjall, Iceland

Iceland is an incredible country to explore, with many incredible places to see and visit. With gorgeous towns, waterfalls, beautiful Icelandic hikes and of course, erupting volcanoes; it’s a country you don’t want to miss. Now, you might be wondering how to get to Fagradalsfjall? It’s one of the newest and most accessible volcanic sites in Iceland to visit and you’ll get to see it, up-close by following our advice. Honestly, to visit the erupting volcano in Fagradalsfjall, is just wild to see and one spot you can’t miss when visiting Iceland. 

So, to visit the erupting volcano in Fagradalsfjall and make it that bit easier, we wanted to share all our tips on how to get to Fagradalsfjall… and, most importantly, how to see it safely and from the best viewpoints.

We’ve completed quite a few of the hikes to see the erupting volcano in the Fagradalsfjall area and totally loved it. 

Take a look, below, at all our advice on how to get to Fagradalsfjall and the very best way to visit the erupting volcano in Fagradalsfjall. It really is worth visiting! 

How to get to the Fagradalsfjall eruption site?

Visiting Fagradalsfjall is relatively easy if you have a car. It’s about a 55-minute drive from the capital of Iceland, Reykavik. Plus, it’s only around 45-minutes from the main international airport, Keflavik.

Alternatively, you’re actually really close by if you’re visiting from the Blue Lagoon (about a 15-minute drive), or from the nearby town of Grindavik (about a 10-minute drive). 

All in all, it’s easy to drive to the erupting site of Fagradalsfjall and then hike from the designated parking spots. 

Where are the designated parking places for Fagradalsfjall?

We parked at the designated ‘parking 1‘ site, which, is the best spot to park for ‘Path A’ to visit the Fagradalsfjall volcanic eruption.

That being said, it does fill up fast and you might need to park in some of the other parking bays across the road. You can see these on the embedded Google Map that we have embedded further down this article. 

Now, you do need to pay for parking, and there is a QR code to scan to pay online. That being said, we tried to pay and the website wouldn’t accept any of our payment methods. Just an FYI. 

Book an expert guide to the Fagradalsfjall eruption

Alternatively, if you don’t feel like driving, you can book this epic guided hiking tour of Fagradalsfjall to see the eruption. It can make things easier if you don’t drive and want an expert on hand whilst you hike. 

Just be sure to book your guided hiking tour of Fagradalsfjall well before arriving in Iceland. Hikes can sell out fast, especially as everyone wants to visit the erupting volcano in Fagradalsfjall – while it’s still active. 

Though, if you’re an experienced hiker (and you have a car), it’s not always necessary to book. You can potentially complete the hike alone.

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How to get to Fagradalsfjall – the Hiking routes

So, there are a number of different hiking routes to visit the erupting volcano in Fagradalsfjall. Some are much harder, some are further away.

Choosing how to get to Fagradalsfjall and your route really does come down to the conditions on the day and how you feel about hiking. 

How to get to Fagradalsfjall with the closest view: Path A

In our personal opinion, ‘Path A’ is the best hiking route to visit the erupting volcano in Fagradalsfjall. You’ll get to one of the closest vantage points to the new eruption and it’s just so incredible to witness.

It’s easily the best hiking route to see the volcanic eruption. 

Now, the hike itself is rocky, uneven and slippery at points and will take around 15 km (about 10 miles) to get there and back (to parking area 1).

Also, its elevation also rises quite rapidly near the start of the hike, around 300-400 metres and it’s well worth taking this portion a little slower. 

After that initial incline, the trail does get really rocky and you need a good pair of hiking boots to get across these. The day before we hiked, a fellow hiker broke their ankle here; and it’s so easy to see why.

Watch your step! 

Though, the good thing is, that the trail stays relatively flat from this point.

Well, until you get to the volcanic eruption! it does have a big decline as you get closer to the Fagradalsfjall eruption site at the end of the hike. 

Remember, as you head along the path, you must always stick to the wooden markers (wooden poles) to stay on the trail.

This route is still new and it can be easy to veer off course if you’re not paying attention.

Oh, and trust me, these markers are essential if you’re hiking at night. It’s pitch black and the only thing that helped us get back to the car (especially with all the fog).

In all, give yourself around 6-8 hours to complete this hike in a leisurely fashion (and to spend lots of time at the volcanic eruption site itself.

After all, you don’t want to rush this amazing experience. 

How to get to Fagradalsfjall: Path C

To get here, we parked at ‘Parking 2’ (a little further east from Parking 1). From here, we joined ‘Path C’ which trails over the mountain ridges to see the front of the crater. You will be further away from the viewpoints than ‘Path A’ but it’s still spectacular to visit. 

The trail (from parking 2′ starts with a relatively steep incline up the ridge of the mountain. From here, you’ll walk parallel to the lava fields and see them smoking. It’s so special. After around 4km, you will reach the viewing area for the active volcanic eruption at Fagradalsfjall.

In all, to take things slow and really enjoy this spot, give yourself between 6-8 hours to complete, relax and really enjoy the views.

That being said, out of both hikes, we would always choose ‘Path A’.  For us, it’s the best way to visit the erupting volcano in Fagradalsfjall. It was just so special to see the eruption and lava fields so close.

Map To Visit The Erupting Volcano In Fagradalsfjall

For a visual of the route, check out the Google Map below, with the trail listed and the designated parking spots. 

How to check safety for visiting Fagradalsfjall?

For safety, always check out the Safe Travel Iceland website for potential changes, closures or risks. No one likes a reckless hiker. 

And remember, always listen to the advice given by experts ‘on the ground’ and on these official websites. Volcanic sites like Fagradalsfjall can be dangerous and deserve a hefty amount of respect. 

Finally, local government experts and members of the ICE-SAR do stay around the Fagradalsfjall eruption site. They’re quite easy to spot, so if you’re ever unsure about any aspects of the hike, just ask them.

They’re super friendly and really helpful. 

What to take to visit the erupting volcano in Fagradalsfjall?

Make sure to wear plenty of layers, with one being waterproof. Throughout the hike, you will feel cold, hot and pretty wet if the cloud cover comes over the area. 

It’s much better to remove and apply these layers, rather than just having one thick covering that can’t be changed whilst hiking. 

Also, make sure to pack some extra socks and base layers (just in case you get wet). Trust me, you don’t want to risk getting hyperthermia from being wet on a 3-hour hike back to your car. Plus, if the weather gets really cold, wear hats, snoods, scarves and gloves. 

Of course, bring enough water for an 8-hour hike and lots of energy bars and food that will be essential. 

Finally, pack a headlight (or use your phone torch) for your hike in the dark. If you’re using the latter, make sure to take an extra battery pack with you, you’ll end up taking lots of pictures on your phone and you shouldn’t risk losing battery.


Oh, and make sure to download an offline Google Map of the area (or take a paper copy). This way, you’ll always have information to hand if you did get lost.

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