Photos And Postcards From The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The first place we went to, upon arrival in Iceland (and after picking up the rental car) was The Blue Lagoon. It’s always been a dream of mine to come here and as it was quite an early flight, I was really looking forward to just relaxing on the first day.

I honestly can not recommend a trip to The Blue Lagoon enough! We actually stayed at The Blue Lagoon Hotel – which provides access to a more private and intimate Blue Lagoon.

Staying there also grants you free access to the more commercial Blue Lagoon and even though the hotel prices are somewhat higher than average, by the time you factor in what the cost of your admission would have been for the Blue Lagoon into the hotel prices, along with the free breakfast, teas and coffees…etc, it starts to make financial sense to book a stay at the Blue Lagoon Hotel.

And, an extra bonus is that unlike the Blue Lagoon which shuts at 8 in the winter, this one is open for 2 hours extra. Oh, I almost forgot to add, if the Northern Lights are out, you can also see them from the hotel.

I’ve kinda gonna backwards with posting the photos from Geysir before these ones but here are the photos from our trip to The Blue Lagoon… (Heads up – there are quite a few photos!)

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