The Castle In The Mountains In West Wales

This is very exciting!!! 🙂 For the first time ever on Hand Luggage Only, we’ve got ourselves a guest blogger!

Without further ado, here’s introducing – Georgia! Georgia is a fellow Londoner, talented graphic artist, photographer extraordinaire and the Mother of Dragons! Okay, that last one might not be quite true but she is the mother of the cutest French Bull Dog in London – Señor Baxter. He’s such a cheeky little scamp – I remember when he was just two months old and would pee on you (out of excitement) to now where he’s just a few months shy of a year old and will still pee on you… Hehe! Just kidding! The Señor is well trained and even plays a mean game of football… but I digress!

Anyway, Georgia and I were nattering away a few days ago and she mentioned her trip to this Castle and I just knew this was the kind of stuff I couldn’t keep away from you!

I almost forgot to say, Georgia is one of my more organised friends and it’s thanks to her we got to do so much on our 3 week road trip across America… same goes for the trip to Thailand… and Amsterdam. She’s also always up for a laugh and a hoot to be around! I keep digressing! Here’s Georgia’s recap of her time in the castle….


I recently spent the weekend in this amazing 5-star Regency Castle which was absolutely amazing – I couldn’t stop telling everyone about it. I fear I might need to stop soon for fear of having my friends run in the opposite direction as soon as I open my mouth… 🙂 Being from this part of Wales I had no idea this was tucked away off the A487 between Machynlleth and Aberystwyth. I was lucky enough to stay here for my brother-in-laws wedding – there’s just something really special about celebrating a special day at a picturesque venue – and this is definitely an amazing venue for such an occasion! 

The views are amazing from this place especially from the top of the turret which stretches over the Dovey estuary and rolling hills of beautiful rural Mid Wales. The owners have decorated it perfectly and it’s such a cosy castle (words you thought you would never use together!) it’s nothing more than pure luxury!

It dates back to 1820’s and in 2007 the castle was fully refurbished, retaining all the original features with modern utilities. The castle has 8 rooms, library, conservatory, and 45 acres of land and surrounding landscaped gardens. Owners Maureen and Peter are the most friendly, warm and welcoming hosts! Not to mention their adorable dog Sid who greets you at the drive and escorts you in! So cute!! 

I would thoroughly recommend this place for a weekend in the country or special occasion.

Almost forgot to mention the name – it’s called Glandyfi Castle. If you’re interested in visiting or perhaps in just finding out more about the castle, their website with more details is available at


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