Dear Australians: Please Help, Who Is This?

Okay, being Australian is not the only prerequisite for helping out here. In fact, there’s only one pre-requisite and that’s if you watch the TV show ‘Home and Away’. Effectively, we were walking down Palm Beach, a suburb of Sydney, Australia when we happened upon this TV crew and cast.

Being the nosey parker I am, I soon inquired what was going on and was told that this was where Home and Away was being filmed. It appears there are two cast members (the guy in the suit and the guy in the vest and shorts) but I have no clue who they are.

If you do, drop me a line! I

Really wanna know! Partly out of genuine curiosity but also partly to add to my humble-brag list of ‘celebrities I’ve met’ even though I didn’t technically meet or speak to them but that’s neither here nor there! Hehe! Please identify said men if you know who they are – thanks! 🙂


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