Arriving (And Our Hotel) In Bratislava, Slovakia

On initially booking, I’ve gotta say, I was expecting somewhere nice. The hotel – Tulip House Hotel was ranked number 3 on Trip Advisor (of all hotels in Bratislava) so my expectation was realistically high… Gotta say though, it definitely surpassed my expectations.

We got picked up at the airport in a private car (I love these private pickups, they sure beat trying to catch a taxi and bargaining to make sure you’re not getting ripped off in the process…)

Even before we arrived at the hotel, I was already impressed with Bratislava. The streets were paved with colourful houses which glistened in the winter sun…

As soon as we arrived at the hotel, first things, we got some liquid refreshments. We caught an early flight in so I opted for a latte (and boy was I grateful for it too!)

As we sipped, we got informed that we’d gotten a room upgrade. Now you know how much I dislike room upgrades…. JUST KIDDING!!! Who in the world dislikes room upgrades? I was ecstatic and can’t tell if it was the caffeine or the news but I was bouncing off the walls as soon as I heard that! 😉 

Finally, I made my way to the room to check it out…

Pretty sweet, right?

Lloyd ate 4 out of those 5 chocolates even before I could get my hands on them! The one I did get to eat though was quite amazing. I didn’t expect hotel room chocolates to be so good but this one was fantastic. Lloyd said the other 4 he ate were pretty great too! (That little thief! 🙂 )

By the time, I’d been round the room, I was very determined to make the most of hotel and the free upgrade. Usually, we’re out and about exploring the city but with this one, I wanted just a few hours to chill out in the room.

Turns out this was easier than I would have expected – the hotel extended check out from 12pm to 5pm! Oh happy days! I could do all the exploring I wanted on the day we were all due to head back to the UK (there were 4 of us in total), leave my stuff in the hotel and head back to indulge in a wee bit of pre-departure chill out.

We ended up having dinner at the hotel before we left and I swear, it’s the best food we’d had in Bratislava all weekend but more on that soon…

A huge thanks to Tulip House Hotel for our upgrades! A weekend in Bratislava is lovely enough but with perks like this, it makes it all that bit more special!

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