You Can Go On Safari In Scotland

I kid you not. And it’s apparently really good. It’s got lions and tigers and bears (oh my!)… and other animals of course – elephants, rhinos, giraffes… the lot!

Until a week ago, I had no idea until my brother mentioned it to me. With Scotland’s dramatically beautiful landscape, it makes sense that if there was going to be a safari park, it would be there.

Though, I just didn’t expect that there would be one in the UK so you can imagine how surprised I was when I found out.  I mean, all the questions I had, my biggest question was what the lions do in winter? Do they get cold?

I digress… My point is, you can go on safari in the UK.

The park is called Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park and it sounds like a whole lotta fun! They have petting zoos, rides and even an Astra Glide.

All these things sound like the makings of an amazing day out!!! (This is not a sponsored post or anything of the sort – I genuinely am so surprised and impressed that you can go on safari in the UK!)

And before you ask, yes – I’m already planning a trip up north to go find explore it for myself. 

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