A Day Of Downtime in Thailand

After an amazing time exploring the islands in Phang Nga Bay (see posts here and here), it was fair to say that by the time we got back to the mainland, we were knackered!

It was quite surprising because we didn’t actually feel tired until we got to the hotel and even though we planned on going out for dinner and exploring more of Phuket (albeit we were on the ‘quieter side’ of Phuket at this point), we decided it would be quite nice to have a relaxed evening on our holidays.

It’s so easy to pack so much into your holidays sometimes that you end up needing another holiday to recover from the initial holiday!

Anyway, that evening, we made our way over to our hotel and after waiting for a wee while to check-in (though we got some rather refreshing cocktails on the house to keep us nice and merry), we found out that we’d received room upgrades.


I really need to work on my composed “I’m-so-used-to-getting-upgraded” face because I looked a bit crazy and wild-eyed when I found out.

I love a free upgrade! This was the first time this had happened (the second time was a couple of days later in Singapore) and boy were we pleased.

We got larger rooms and a private pool on the balcony. We were really eager to go check out the rooms but the lady checking us in informed us that happy hour was currently on at the bar on cocktails (2-for-1 ) and that it would be ending in about 10 minutes at which point we all dashed off to the bar, leaving our luggage with somebody at the reception (priorities right?).

Eventually, we made our way up to the rooms, shrieked in delight (yes, those sounds could only be described as “shrieks”) at the size of the rooms and pool area.

We jumped into the pool for a quick dip before heading downstairs for a long and lazy dinner (photos of which I put on Instagram on the night itself) and eventually, after another couple of cocktails, we retired to our rooms.

All this while, however, I forgot to take any photos or perhaps I just couldn’t really be bothered to carry my DSLR around (I’d just upgraded the lens and the weight on that thing was taking some getting used to).

The next day, however, we made up for the lack of photos!

We chilled for a bit in the pool on the balcony before heading downstairs for breakfast quickly followed by more pool time. We figured after a while that it would be nice to check out the pool where everyone else was.

The good thing about the hotel was that it had its own private beach and lots of other facilities you would usually need to grab a taxi and head into town to get/see so it was the perfect place to use for our “chill-out-base” on this trip to Thailand.

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