Excellent DIY Party Decoration Tip – Dance-floor Disco Balloons!

This is one of the easiest party decorations you’ll find out there (and one of the cheapest too). Best part is that it adds such a cool effect to your party and can be installed in pretty much any room at the party! Cue – the Dance-floor Disco Balloons! All you need are the following:

1.) Multi-coloured balloons. Feel free to go wild with the colour choices.

2.) Glow sticks

HOW DOES THIS WORK? Easy! Crinkle the glow sticks to light them up. Insert the glow sticks in the balloons and pump the balloons up! Not only will you save on your lighting bill (hehehe!) but you’ll also have a cool and interactively lit room.

What comes before Part-B? PArt-Aaaay!!! 🙂 Hehehe! #LameJoke


You – the first time you heard about this amazing balloon idea!

You – at the party once your friends comprehend the full extent of your awesomeness (via the balloons)!


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