The First 48 Hours In Singapore

Okay, this is big news! 🙂 *drum roll* HAND LUGGAGE ONLY HAS JUST MOVED TO SINGAPORE!!!

For the next few months anyway… We’re so excited as this is our very first this far East and there is so much to see, do and taste!

I will try to do a longer and more detailed post but between the jet lag and the assignments I need to hand in for my course at Cambridge University, I’ve had no time to do a proper post.

That being said, I really wanted to share this experience so I figured a brief post is better than no post!

The first place we were told to visit on the way in was Clarke Quay as there are loads of restaurants there.

We were also told to go to Chinatown for food so figured we might as well try to find out what was available at both places as our first port of call.

The views from Clarke Quay are quite impressive and it seems like the perfect place to go for a night out with friends and family.

Chinatown, on the other hand, has a lot of really nice places to eat and lots of souvenir shops! Will need to go back to explore both in more depth.


1.) There are a lot of nice restaurants with really cheap food everywhere! The alcohol, on the other hand, is not quite so cheap. Then again after living in London, the prices don’t seem quite as steep.

2.) There are 7-Elevens everywhere. This is not a good thing as Lloyd always insists on getting the slushies and I get peer-pressured into getting one too every time. Still reeling from my last sugar high.

3.) The MRT is pretty fast! Also really bright and clean! As Cam Brady would say – “I seductively approve!”

4.) There appears to be free WiFi almost everywhere! At the airport, on the streets in Chinatown… everywhere (I’ve been so far in any case). Turns out there is a focus on getting public WiFi in as many places as possible in Singapore.

5.) The malls are a mix of regular shops and stalls. Great for getting a mix of your branded clothes and generic items like flip flops.

6.) This is a no-brainer here but the weather is hot and humid here! Don’t even bother packing that jumper with you. The lesser trousers or long sleeve clothes you wear, the better. It’s easily a constant 30C here.

7.) Take your passport with you when you go out to get a phone. Doesn’t matter if it’s pay as you go or contract – you’ll need it!

Okay, enough with my random facts – here are the photos!

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