First Impressions Of Bratislava, Slovakia…

As you already from our instagram (@HandLuggageOnly), we just spent in Bratislava with friends (brilliant city by the way, so much more than I was expecting) and while there’s so much to tell you about, I just couldn’t wait to share a few pictures from Bratislava with you!

I will do a proper set of blog posts from the city of course but I’ve not even gotten round to telling you about our trip to Palermo yet or replying to comments that you’ve left!

I always read your comments IMMEDIATELY I get a notification! I get very excited to read your comments as they make me laugh, smile, jot down tips for our next travels (thank for those!), help me with learning phrases in different languages, let me know what you’re thinking, help inspire me and give me that extra bit of confidence I didn’t even know I needed! Cheers for that! 🙂 I know this might sound corny but reading your comments is one of the most exciting parts about blogging as the conversation flows both ways and it makes me feel like we’ve truly made a connection!

Anyway, enough soppy stuff for now… 😉 Here are the first impressions of Bratislava!

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