Exploring The German Christmas Markets

Just in case you somehow missed the TV adverts, street lights and holiday sales promotions –  Christmas time’s just around the corner! And no one does Christmas markets quite like the Germans…

One of my favourite things around the holiday season is to visit a German Christmas market. I was a late arrival on the whole “I Love German Christmas Markets” thing and didn’t really get into them until about 7 years ago but now, I look for every excuse to visit family in Germany (who are ALWAYS great fun) and drag them out to a Christmas market. I say, “drag them out” but, in truth, we all love it! It’s always great fun to see the excitement in everyone’s faces, the stuff going on in the market and warming up in a tent with some Gluhwein (In English – Mulled Wine).

Anyway, this was one of such trips back to see the family and in typical tradition, we headed out to a Christmas market!

We arrived in the evening, just as the sun began to set…

The crowds started to mill around and we took a little tour of the little German town…

Before long, the festivities were in full swing… Needless to say, I headed straight for the candy!

And fuelled by the sugar rush, I ran about in a tizzy from stall to stall, excitedly playing games, trying out new snacks (in a bit to find my new snack obsession) and occasionally stopping for a Gluhwein...

Finally, exhausted but thoroughly pleased with myself, we left the market and headed back home! But not before stumbling across this lady doing this cool stuff with… – I don’t even know what those things are called but basically it’s fire balls at the end of ropes and it is awesome!!! 🙂 🙂 😀

I thought I was all ready to go home and then I found this stall on the way out. Neeless to say, I stopped and stocked up on even more sweets!

As soon as we arrived home though, I knew I would have to try to recreate a similar fire-throwing thing, except with battery operated lights instead of fire!

Lloyd joined in too! 🙂

But I think mine were the coolest! 🙂 Hehehe!

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