Photos And Postcards From Hong Kong

A quick journey through Hong Kong via a collection of photos I took. Needless to say, more detailed blog posts with tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your time and money when visiting will be coming up soon but for now, take a little journey through Hong Kong…

Buddhist Monk

Wine upon arrival at the hotel…

Sunset in the distance…

Busy Street

Apartment blocks….

Night time in Hong Kong…

View from our hotel suite ( got an upgrade #SoExcitedAboutFreeUpgrades )

Visiting a Temple

Exploring the gardens next to the Temple

View of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak

View the other way around from Victoria Peak

Detailed photos of lightbulbs at Jumbo restaurant

Hong Kong skyline at night…

Headed towards the Big Buddha on Lantau Island…

Big Buddha

Clouds on the mountain

Entrance to the Monastery

Exploring the Monastery

Big Buddha

Bought a hat!

Tourists exploring the village

Cows in the car park

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