Hopping, Swimming and Leaning in Pisa, Italy

Easily one of the most iconic structures in Italy and indeed across the world, The Leaning Tower of Pisa is truly an amazing sight to behold! I was in so much of it when I saw it in person but I’m jumping the gun here, let me take a few steps back here.

Visiting Pisa was actually a side trip on a main trip to Florence (more on that soon!) and it was definitely a worthwhile trip! Pisa is only about 1 hour away from Florence on the train (which is quite cheap) so it makes sense to pop on over to see Pisa if you’ve got time.

Word of advice though – there’s not really much else in Pisa. It’s an amazing quaint Tuscan city but you might get a bit bored if you stayed for a week or two (in fact, you will most likely be bored if you stay that long – a weekend in Pisa is all you need).

Our trip to Pisa began with a little exploration of the city on the walk from the train station to the leaning tower.

We weaved and meandered through the rustic and quiet city in search of food and water…

Finally we made it to The Leaning Tower! We were so unprepared for how huge it was! I always assumed it would be a lot smaller.

Needless to say, the stereotypical photos begun! (I’m a fan of taking silly photos like this! Sod the naysayers – this is a Pisa photo album must-have!)

Another thing you don’t expect when you visit Pisa are the other sights dotted around The Leaning Tower which are actually quite impressive in themselves!

Sights seen and photos taken! We settled down on the grass for a picnic!

Looks like other people had the same idea too!

Even the pigeons swooped in to share in our lunch…

Finally, we figured we’d get a move on – though not before a few more photos and another walk around…

And Yaya’s own mandatory Leaning Tower of Pisa photo!

Yaya stopped to top up his bottle of water at this fountain (which is a great way to save money and stay hydrated in Italy generally! They’ve got these in lots of Italian cities and the water is safe to drink).

We bade farewell to The Leaning Tower and headed to the hotel.

I pretty much chucked everything onto the bed/floors and headed out to the hotel pool straight away! As you can probably tell, it was a particularly hot day!

Aaaah… pool time!!!

Within minutes though of emerging from the pool, Yaya quickly fell asleep…

Yaya swears he hadn’t fallen asleep but those chair marks on his back when he rolled over say otherwise don’t you think? 🙂

You could still see the Tower in the distance from our hotel…

Slowly, the sun started to set…

And we eventually headed out for dinner but not before one quick look at the now lit up Leaning Tower shining in the distance.

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