Nordic Expedition – The Finale! In Search Of Vikings in Oslo, Norway!

The final part of the Nordic expedition and the home of the Nobel prize – Oslo!

Didn’t find any old Vikings however did find some trolls! 🙂 Nice start to the expedition I say…hehe!!!

Excited to be in Oslo… clearly!

Time for a gander about town…


…before wrestling a statue for my scarf!

Lloyd (probably) figured he’d practise his Zoolander “Blue Steel”….

I had other ideas… Saw the Royal Guard outside the Palace and figured I’d go bother him!

He was so professional and barely moved an inch….

Uh oh!!! I’ve been rumbled…. RUN!

Hot footed it to this museum…

And then made our way back to the hotel…

Rested and refreshed, yes you guessed it – time to go figured out what the Norwegian nightlife was life. This was probably where I’ve had the most expensive beer ever. It’s not like the beer was different from regular beer, it was just so expensive relative to most cities. Turns out, alcohol is pretty expensive in Norway… in fact, I think most things are hence why they have one of the highest wages of any European city.

Next day, bright and early, headed toward to the train station area where there were loads of cafes and as you might have guess, lots of places for a quick breakfast!

Them ambled toward the Royal Opera House…


…where I saw what might have been the original ‘Angry Bird’ (I know, I know… Angry Birds is Finnish but still…)

Randomly saw what looked like a goat that had just finished running a marathon. It had on proper marathon numbers and everything (visible on the other side of the goat)

Then headed over harbour-side

And finished off with the Nobel Peace Center!

And with that, we have the conclusion of the Nordic Expedition! 🙂 I can’t promise that there won’t be any more sequels, Iceland has already been covered in previous posts but Denmark is still fairly uncharted territory! 😉

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