A Trip To Explore Gothenburg, Sweden

Next up on the Nordic Expedition, we head off to Gothenburg in Sweden. The land of ice and beautiful people (or so the Swedes keep telling me).

Okay, that’s a Swedish stereotype but to be fair, there was a lot of ice around and beautiful people so…

Right… now, where was I?

Oh yes, so we arrived in Gothenburg after a rather early flight in which required a mini nap at the hotel, however, as flights only cost £8 from London you can’t really complain I guess.

We found the flights on Skyscanner; couldn’t believe the price when I saw it.

To be fair, Lloyd found it, so I can’t take all the credit.

Anyway, fresh from my nap, we headed out to explore Gothenburg.

Didn’t I say there was lots of ice? 

Faffed around the harbour for a while…

Then headed over to the city centre…

Before going to the park for a pretend game of hide and seek!

Mandatory refreshment and warming up time beckoned!

Sated and toasty, we headed back out to brave the cold.


After a long day wandering Gothenburg we made our way back to the hotel before a night out in town but I got distracted by the swings!

Dropped the camera off at the hotel and went off exploring the nightlife! Most random question I got off some stranger;

“You’ve come from London to Gothenburg… why?”

Easy answer on this one; It’s one of the most laid-back European cities I’ve been to (in a very good way) with some of the friendliest people albeit rather icy when it gets colder.

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