Exploring The Capital Of Finland, Helsinki

A few days ago I realised that I had barely touched any of the Nordic countries on the blog and I just knew I would have to rectify that straight away! In order to rectify that I figured I’d so a mega blog post covering the countries way up North but as it turns out, the posts ended up being too gigantic and so have been split into a trilogy of sorts. Ne’er fret, I’ve actually split them according to the three neighbouring countries up North so let’s get started with the Nordic Expeditions by taking a trip to Helsinki!

We actually went to Helsinki via Tampere in Finland. We flew into Tampere as the main destination as we were visiting friends, Pekka and Elisa and figured we’d take a trip down to explore Helsinki as well.

The trains here are super cosy and we even got our own compartments! Nicely played Finland… 🙂 

Random fact about the above picture – Lloyd made the shirt I’m wearing. It was just one of those projects that started from having too many pens and a plain white t-shirt lying around but seeing as I’m not the best artist out there, I was pretty impressed!

After a few hours on the train (and a few wines/beers) we arrived in Helsinki! We wasted no time whatsoever and set out to explore the city…

Helsinki is a very compact city and is very easily explored on foot. This of course only adds to the charm…


We made our way back to the hotel to rest our feet a little bit, freshen up and get…er… some more liquid refreshments, and head out into the town for a night out.

Wrapped up nice and warm, we of course stopped for the mandatory selfie and headed out! The rest of the evening was captured on blurry iPhone photos which I will skip past… 🙂

The next day, we gobbled down breakfast and headed out to see more of Helsinki…

Disclaimer: The cracked glass is not synonymous with Helsinki…

Lloyd forgot his hat and managed to turn his (actually, not his – my) snood into a hat!

And with that, we bade farewell to a quick 24 hours in Helsinki!

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