Halloween Fun: When Voldemort Met His Match

WARNING: Do not click on this post (or scroll down further) if you can’t handle seeing fictional villains looking gory and having a great time! 😉

Decided you’re brave enough to proceed? Great! Follow me as I walk you through that one time of the year – Halloween in London when fictional evil villains take off their villain hats and put on their dancing shoes!

This particular evening has to do with a certain character called Voldemort.

Voldemort started off his night (as per usual) by stunning this (pregnant?) bedraggled girl with his new (£3) wand (which kinda looked like a sex toy from the wrong angle)… but not before taking a selfie of course!

All of these photos were taken on a iPhone while moving around so…. 🙂

Other hair-let-downers (i.e. people who let their hair down) for the night were, this zombie bride

An evil clown…

And the clown from Saw…

Arriving at the ‘pardee’ venue, they were entertained by these grumpy mermaids. 

And some guy who started balancing and spinning stuff all over his body..

Everyone was in high spirits. The Saw lady even helped stunned girl fix her hair as soon as she got up…

Self portrait photos were taken…

Maleficent even popped by to say hi!

Some scary faux villains were found everywhere!

Even more selfies were taken…

Voldemort got carried away and stunned another girl. She quickly recovered and went about her partying ….

A werewolf did some acrobatic burlesque dancing…

And even Bellatrix Lestrange stopped for a little dance and a photo op!

By all accounts, a decent halloween night!

And what did you get up to for halloween?

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