Riomaggiore in Cinque Terre, Italy – The Photo Diary! [1 of 5]

These are the photos from our trip to Cinque Terre in Italy! Each of these 5 UNESCO World Heritage sites is so unique and so beautiful that I genuinely struggled to cram all the photos taken into one blog post (even for a photo heavy blog post, it would have been way too many photos) and as such I’ve had to put the photos from each of the Cinque Terre towns into 5 different posts – one for each! For more in-depth details and tips about visiting Cinque Terre, I already did a feature which you can  check out here.

In this post, we’ve got the beautiful town of Riomaggiore. Do check out the other 5 and let me know which one is your favourite of the 5 towns! 🙂

[THE PHOTO DIARIES FOR THE OTHER 4 TOWNS ARE AVAILABLE HERE – Manarola //Corniglia // Vernazza // Monterosso al Mare]

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