Ibiza: Sangria, Sunshine and Silly Friends

Thinking about it now, I have no idea how we managed to stay energetic after arriving in Ibiza. We’d all had about 2 hours sleep (I had just 1 hour due to my last minute packing) before hoping into the taxi to take us to the airport. Honestly, I don’t even know why we tried to have a nap at all…

Anyway, we arrived in Ibiza predominantly fueled by adrenaline and excitement and as soon as we checked into our villa, we chucked all our stuff in and headed straight to town for some food.

Somehow, the search for food ended up in us finding a place with huge jugs of Sangria… (whoops!)

The fruit in the Sangria counts as food in my opinion so I’m going to chalk this down to having a Sangria and a light lunch of a fruit salad. 🙂

Lunch over, we wandered around for a bit before headed back to the villa and hopping into our swim trunks!

Then, the most graceful synchronized pool diving commenced! At least in our minds anyway… In reality, it was the exact opposite of graceful and truly lacked any form of synchronicity!!! In some circles, this might be described as a ‘hot mess’… and they would be right too! But we didn’t let that stop us!

Blurry photo alert but loved this waaay too much to not include this!

There are even a few sneaky iPhone solo ones here too! (Thanks to Georgia).

Found this photo I’d taken later on as we prepared to head our for dinner. I may have caught the sun ever so slighty… Hehehe! 🙂 (And this was wearing sunscreen too!) Yaya came up with the name “Lobster boy” for me after that photo – annoyingly, that name stuck for the holiday!

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