In Search Of Waffles: The First Few Hours In Brussels

These were taken earlier on when it was still blisteringly cold in Brussels.

Brussels is one of my favourite places to visit and I would be lying if I said Belgian Waffles had nothing to do with it!

Indeed, every time I’ve been to Brussels, the very first thing I do is eat like 1,000 waffles (or however many require me to need a good sit down after wolfing through them) – then and only then am I ready to explore the city.

On this particular day though, armed with my trusty Barbour jacket, trapper hat and fingerless gloves (with lids to keep my fingertips warm), I ventured off to find the nearest Belgian waffles I could find and commenced with the sightseeing. Before long though, it started to get dark and with aching feet, we headed over to one of my favourite Belgian hotels for a cup of coffee and a chance to warm up in front of a fireplace. Aaaaahhhh, bliss!

Soon as we were all nice and toasty, we ventured back out into the night in search for dinner but not before I ruined my appetite (a bit) with some more waffles! 🙂

Belgian Waffles in Brussels are just that extra bit special and a must-have whenever you’re in Brussels! My favourite toppings are Nutella, white chocolate and strawberries! 

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