My New Apartment in London: New Year’s Eve Celebrations

A photo diary from our New Year’s Eve celebrations plus a sneak peak into my new flat! Been meaning to put these up a few days ago but didn’t quite get round to it till now. Better late than never I say!

I also promise to do a more detailed post on the new flat! Been waiting till I had unpacked everything but seeing as most of that is done now, I can give you a tour very soon! 🙂 (Random: Got my new microwave delivered and have been so excited about it all day – yes, I’m now a person that gets excited about microwaves – and, if you’ve been on our instagram, about coffee makers too!)

I know I have said this over and over again but HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🙂 🙂 I will move on from constantly wishing you Happy New Year and share some exciting news with you – we’re starting off on that travel list for 2015 and have booked trips to 3 different places – starting with Norway (which I have obsessed about over and over again despite having been already)! Will share more details about this with you soon but for now – here are the photos from New Year’s Eve celebrations with our friends!

Why is my forehead so shiny! (I may have overdone it with the cocoa butter body lotion!)

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