Sunrise To Sunset in Oia and Fira in Santorini, Greece!

It is probably safe to say that our trip to Santorini was one that we had been looking forward to for quite a while! While I want to tell you amazing stories of how we went out exploring immediately we arrived and soaked up the culture and all that amazing stuff, alas, most of us arrived in Santorini (most not all 😉 ) hungover, perhaps actually still drunk, and sleep deprived from our friend’s wedding the day before. The wedding was an amazing affair, with guests dressed to the nines and set in some of London’s most beautiful and historic buildings! Trivia – You may actually recognise the chucrch from a certain popular movie but more on that in another post…

Anyway, as you do when your best friend’s getting married, we spent the day and night celebrating – pausing halfway to realise how much more mature we’d become (or at least were expected to have become) and carried on celebrating all the way home to pick up our bags and then head out to the airport with no sleep in-between. Needless to say, we arrived Santorini absolutely knackered and by the time we had a rather lunch, we almost had to to cellotape our eyelids to our foreheads just to keep from falling asleep (carb-overload alert!). We decided to get in an afternoon nap – originally schedule for 2 hours, it ended up lasting the best part of 6 hours. We barely woke up in time to get in some food for the night.

The good thing about that first day however is that it fully gave us a chance to relax so by the next day, we were energised and ready to take on the world! Well Santorini at least…

We woke up to this view! This is a stronger wake up tool than any caffeine product imaginable. Our excitement was palpable!

I feel like I don’t know how to describe this, maybe it was the afore mentioned excitement but Lloyd and Georgia ended up wearing pretty much the same outfit absolutely by chance! (Pardon the photo, it was rather windy and both of them have not yet quite mastered the art of Beyonce-level hair-ography. That wind would be gold to Beyonce…). This is not the first time this has happened either. In Miami the exact same thing happened on the first day of our road trip (I would show you the photos but I’m pretty sure I’d get in trouble with them if I do as neither had sorted out their hair yet. Vain and Coordinated. I’m sure these are huge selling skills for a double-act somewhere out there…)

Finally we set out to hunt for brunch. We’d been recommended a local bakery just down the road from where we were and we all headed there to scoff our brunch (not brunch in the “sexy New York brunch” sense, more like the “too early for lunch yet too late for breakfast” sense). Again, I was too hungry and forgot to take photos at this point…

Finally we headed over to Fira, the capital of Santorini where we found ourselves, exploring shops, restaurants and cafes and fully forgetting the time. To be fair, we weren’t really bothered by the time (that is what this holiday was about for us anyway – a chance to relax) however we did have one priority for the day – heading into Oia to watch the sunset. This is a must do for any visitors to Santorini!

Finally as the sun began to wane (and I use that term very loosely as it was still pretty bright and hot!), we made our way over to Oia!

Even the dogs here were pretty chilled! 

As it turns out, the idea of watching the sunset is one that is shared by.. er… quite a few tourists (to say the least). Looks like everyone had pretty much lined the streets, views focused on the sunset area and cameras/smartphones primed ready to snap away at the imminent sunset!

And then it began, the rich, warm orange haze filling up the sky and colouring the nearby buildings! It was pretty magnificent to be fair! Definitely worth taking the time to see…

Sunset done, we headed down to the port for a huge dinner! All that island exploring was pretty hard work. 😉 Hehehe! Plus, we had to prepare ourselves for what the guys over at Santorini Tours had planned for us the next day! They’re a bespoke tour company and tailor their trip to whatever you want so, the only thing we knew at this stage was that after seeing Oia and Fira (we would return again on other days), we wanted to see  other parts of Santorini and perhaps experience things off the beaten track. This however is a story for another post, on another day! 🙂

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