Sunset in San Antonio

When in San Antonio, I highly recommend going to watch the sunset over this beautifully laid-back Texas city… and the best place to see the sunset is the Tower of the Americas.

The Tower is open from 10 am to 10 pm and costs $10.95 (with a $2 discount for children and seniors. Children under 3 are free).

After a leisurely afternoon in San Antonio (one of the stops on our road trip across the US), we figured we’d head over to the Tower for the bird’s eye view of the city we’d spent the better part of the day exploring (except for that bit in the afternoon where it was too hot and so we headed back to the hotel to cool off by the pool).

It’s a pleasant enough walk up to the Tower, with little knick knacks and buildings to distract you (and thankfully, the queues weren’t too long either).

Up at the top though, it was soooooo windy! But considering how hot it was outside, the wind was very welcome!

And the sunset up at the top was pretty brilliant too! It was amazing seeing the entire city covered in a cape of warm golden rays…

Finally the sun dipped into the horizon and the city lights blinked on, transforming the cityscape yet again!

Eventually, we figured we might as well make our way back into the city for dinner. Tummies were rumbling everywhere in agreement with this plan.

But not before we stopped for a few souvenirs and a look around the Tower’s knick-knacks…

The city looks so beautiful lit up at night, doesn’t it?

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